Eating to Lose Weight

If you’ve ever wanted to lose weight while on a plant-based diet, this article is dedicated to helping you achieve your goal. That is because most people rely on exercise to lose weight, but what you eat is actually 80% of the battle.

If you like the idea of only 20% of the effort being exercise, then you will love this article. You’re about to discover how you can lose weight by eating clean.

Don’t worry about following all these steps, if you fail at one just pick yourself up and move on. That is more important.

1. Get Rid of Unnecessary Food

If you have your favorite foods in your cupboard, it’s perfectly fine as clean eating is not about giving up your favorite foods; it’s all about eating healthy, wholesome foods which aren’t processed. But if your favorite foods are unhealthy, sugar-laden processed foods, maybe it’s best to say goodbye to them.

You were born naturally so feed yourself natural food while enjoying the many benefits such as living longer, being healthy and having a glowing complexion. More importantly, look forward to healthily losing weight.

Think of it this way. You wouldn’t you feed processed food to the birds in your area, would you? You would get a decent birdhouse, stock it with the amazing nuts and seeds that nature provides, and enjoy watching them in your garden while you eat healthy, too.

The very first step is to open your cupboards and get rid of any artificial foods and processed meals and replace them with fresh organic foods. Make sure they’re in their purest form possible.

Throw away all your takeout pamphlets, and if you’re an avid PC user, put a web blocker app on your pc or phone to block ads from takeouts in your area.

2. Eat Foods that Burn Fat

Eating healthy foods is great, but eating foods that help you burn fat are even better. You can make mediocre changes in your dishes that end up making you a walking fat-burning machine melting fat away as if it were nothing.

Below we will look at a variety of foods that can help you melt the fat off your body.

Chili peppers originate from Mexico, although there have been other types of Chili that originate from other countries. They contain high amounts of Vitamin A, C, and K. These vitamins reduce the risk of disease as they are full of antioxidants, but the main benefit is that they keep your metabolism ticking.

Green Tea
Green Tea originally comes from China and is considered one of the healthiest drink on the planet due to the effects it’s high amount of antioxidants and nutrients have on the body.

Apart from being a way to help you lose weight, green tea improves your brain function and can help you become more aware.

Buckwheat is originally from Asia but is now grown in North America. It was originally grown to feed cattle but since has grown popular among humans, too.

Buckwheat is one of the few natural, gluten-free wheats, which contains resistance starch, and also contains manganese, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, and iron.

This wonderful fruit was first discovered in Barbados, although it has a sour taste, it’s quite sweet too.

Grapefruit has a generous amount of fiber which can help you feel quite full, which is the reason why it has been listed as helping you lose weight.

Grapefruit also has high levels of nootkatone, which in animal studies has been shown to stimulate your metabolism and help with weight loss. Studies have found that just smelling grapefruit can improve your mood and slow down any emotional eating.

Lean Poultry and Fish
Poultry and fish are both high in protein and other nutrients but what we’re after is the weight loss properties.

Fish, such as Salmon, contains fatty acids that help kick-start your metabolism and poultry, such as eggs, can provide you a healthy breakfast that will give you enough energy to get through the day.

Lentils are a great addition to many soups and stews which make you feel less hungry and contain a variety of health benefits.

They help reduce your blood sugar levels and lower your LDL cholesterol levels, while improving your gut health overall.

Blueberries originate from North America and can be used with a variety of dishes or enjoyed on their own. A handful of blueberries is better as a snack than a full-blown ice-cream. In fact, if you are craving ice cream, you can add frozen blueberries to your blender for a ice-cream-like treat.

Blueberries have been found to help you increase your metabolism and provide a variety of vitamins and nutrients.

Apples originally come from central Asia, and there is a wide variety of them. If you’ve heard the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” then you’ll be happy to know that it’s a phrase that holds true.

If at any point you feel hungry, eat an apple. Due to the amount of fiber it contains, it’s a hunger suppressant, and the natural sugars will boost your energy levels.

Almonds originally came from the Middle East, but now California is responsible for more than 75% of the world’s almond production, on one big farm.

Almonds are low in carbohydrates but have a large amount of fiber which helps suppresses your hunger while giving you the benefits of getting a lot of vitamins and healthy fats.

Greek Yogurt
Greek yogurt can help you in so many ways, but its primary use is the protein that benefits your bones, muscles, hair, skin, and blood.

Greek yogurt is a high protein, high fat and low carb food, and eaten in moderation will keep your metabolism intact and help you lose weight.

Spinach comes from Ancient Persia but now is grown everywhere, mostly in the USA and China. It’s a big favorite for most people and is very healthy.

There are many benefits of Spinach, such as reducing blood sugar levels, reducing the risk of cancer and improve your vision.

3. Plan your Meal Prep

Getting ready to cook breakfast or lunch, you’re probably organizing yourself and prepping the kitchen and getting all the ingredients ready. This is called meal planning.

There are some people that plan a few weeks of exactly what they need, and there are some that simply walk around the local market grabbing whatever they like.

There is no set way to meal prep correctly, and it varies from person to person. What works great for your friend may not work great for you. Meal preparation is all about being organized, and the below tips will help you achieve that.

Look at Different Recipes
Pull out those old recipe books; browse the internet for recipes that look great to you. Speak to friends and family for recommendations; write them down and put them away safely to access them at a later date.

Organize Yourself
Get a cheap calendar or fridge calendar and plan what you are going to eat for the next week. Dedicated each day to a different meal type so that Monday might be fish, Tuesday could be soup, etc.

Pick one day of the week that will be your shopping week. Look at what you will be cooking for the next week and only get those ingredients. Grab a few freezer bags and containers as any leftovers can be consumed later, saving you money.

Complete your Preparation
As soon as you can, prepare your food. One problem with eating, whether it is for a weight loss diet or a lifestyle eating plan, is not having the proper foods ready and waiting. Wash all your greens, cut all your veggies, and store them in easy to use containers. The more you prepare now, the less you need to worry about later on.

A handy tip is to use plastic tub containers to store your meals in. Only get what you require as you don’t want to clutter your kitchen cabinets. A washable black marker will be a lifesaver as you’ll be marking the plastic tubs with each day of the week as to when you’re supposed to eat that specific meal.

If you plan your meals according, it will stop you from binge eating. You will eventually become mindful of what you eat and will start to see yourself losing weight and getting healthier.

4. Become Active and Drop Weight

Diet and exercise are important to your overall health and your mid-section. They say that exercise only accounts for 10-20% of your weight loss, but it’s very important to your overall health. It’s beneficial if you can do a mixture of aerobic exercise like running and resistance training like weight training.

By setting a goal, like a few inches lost or a couple of pounds dropped, will give you something to focus on and help you achieve your goals.

Consume around 500 calories less than you normally would and exercise at the same time. These two go hand in hand, and you will see the weight drop off.

Just don’t starve yourself and exercise all the time. That will cause for you to burn out and put the weight back on.

By eating clean, you will increase your energy levels throughout the day, as you will be primed to take on any exercise you plan. Avoid large meals as they will make you feel tired and bloated which makes the idea of exercising a no-go.

An exercise and clean eating combination offer many health benefits, one of which is that your brain  and body will function at optimal levels.

5. Stay Hydrated

Water makes up more than half of the fluids in your body, so drinking enough water will keep your body working correctly. If you avoid water, you may feel tired, find it hard to work out and can even suffer from headaches.

While the recommendation is to drink around 3 liters of water per day, it will vary from person to person but in general women need 11 cups of water per day and men need 16 cups of water per day.

Another way to estimate your water needs is 1/2 ounce of water for each pound of body weight.

Drinking water provides you with many benefits such as:

Increasing your Brain Power
If you think caffeine can you provide you energy, think again. The next time you need a mental boost, ditch the coffee and drink water. Your brain is three-quarters water, so it’s best to keep it topped up.

Assists with Weight Management
Water helps you get rid of toxins and fatty-by products and help you feel full. Water can improve your metabolism which aids in burning fat; it’s also a natural hunger suppressant.

The General Rule Is:
Drink as much water as you possibly can. There is no need to count how much you drink, just drink enough and it will help you lose weight.

You don’t have to struggle to lose weight, focus on the above points and you’ll be miles ahead of everyone else. You’ll have much more energy from weight loss, and clean eating will make that all easier.

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