Quickly Stop Sugar Cravings

You had a great evening meal and still go on to eat more sugary products then this article is for you, especially if you’re looking at losing weight.

Sugar addiction can be serious, and long-term addiction can cause levels of dopamine to decrease which starts the sugar craving process. Sugar can cause weight gain, inflammation and cause your mood to become erratic.

Cravings are controlled by your blood-sugar, hormones, and bacteria. If you don’t address these issues, head on, quitting sugar will feel like a never-ending war. You’ll need more than will power to end the addiction.

Here are several ways that can assist you in getting rid of the addiction for good.

1. Start eating clean
By eating clean, you’re not starving yourself or counting calories but rather being more mindful of the type of foods you eat. You’ll be eating food that has more color to it which helps you avoid processed food altogether.

If you practice clean eating for a few weeks, your cravings for sugar will lessen as you’re getting the right amount of nutrients from real food.

2. Blood sugar and meal prep
If you don’t plan, you’ll fail miserably. You may be busy one day, forget to prep and the next you know, you’re eating a chocolate doughnut. If your goal is to achieve weight loss or to become fit, you have to have a plan A and plan B in place should the uncertainties happen.

Meal prepping has worked for countless people a kick sugar cravings. You may not have time now, but when you do start to meal prep, you’ll have more time on your hands to do other things you love.

You’ll have meals ready to hand that you can take wherever you go so ditching that chocolate doughnut will be easier to ditch.

3. L-Glutamine
L-glutamine is an amino acid that breaks protein down which also helps to reduce those sugar cravings. It also boosts your metabolism and aligns your gut with healthy bacteria. It’s safe to use as it’s an amino acid and if you’re not sure then always check with a medical expert.

4. Consume Magnesium
Magnesium is quite important which can be afforded by anyone. It helps you sleep and balances your blood sugar levels. If you have high insulin levels then taking magnesium supplements will help you remedy that. You can get magnesium supplements from any health store.

5. Eat Fermented Food
Eating fermented food like yogurt helps you produce more good bacteria to get rid of the bad bacteria. Eating enough fermented food will reduce bad bacteria which is the main cause of sugar cravings.

If you’re feeling quite hungry late at night, it’s a sign you need to bring your gut back to balance. Fermented foods are a quick way to fight cravings and can be part of your current diet.

6. Drink water
You’ll lose quite a bit of water during sleep. If the first thing you have when you wake up is a hot beverage, then chances are you won’t be as hydrated as you should be. Water gives your metabolism a kick start, allows your brain to function correctly and gets your gut moving.
Drink at least three liters of what per day.

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