When to Start a Detox

With all the processed food and take-outs, we humans as a species are growing toxic. But what matters is when you should start a detox. Below is a list of signs that can help you make that choice.

1. Craving Sugar

Strong cravings are a sign that something is not right. If you’re eating a lot of processed foods, your blood sugar levels rise. This causes your body to crave more sugar. A detox will flush out these toxins bringing your body back into balance.

2. Unhealthy Gut

If you’re suffering from diarrhea and bloating often, it’s a clear sign you detox. Flushing out your gut can bring balance back to your entire digestive system.

3. Allergies

Having a weak microbiome is also linked to having a weak immune system, as your sinuses are part of your digestive system, having non-season allergies would be a common sign you need to detox.

4. Not seeing benefits from eating clean

Even if you’re on a diet that consists of wholesome foods you can still start to feel uneasy and show signs that a detox is needed. By avoiding certain food groups for a while can give your body the reboot that it needs. You can get rid of harmful toxins by eating superfoods and end those health problems for good.

5. Acne

When your body has a high amount of toxins, your liver which is the main organ for detoxifying begins to suffer. Skin can also get rid of toxins through sweat, but a buildup of toxins can cause your skin to be covered in acne and possibly form rashes.

6. Consistently Tired

Feeling constantly tired is due to you your brain a high amount of cortisol. Stress and toxins in the body cause this. A green juice may help you sleep nicely.

7. Lack of Focus

Struggling to focus regularly means that you’re suffering from brain fog. If your body can’t get rid of toxins quickly, inflammation will rise which can damage your blood-brain barrier. By flushing out, the toxins will lower inflammation levels, and you’ll think more clearly.

8. Always Stressed

Stress can cause health problems both physically and mentally. The same issue can cause this is as not feeling focus. Your diet can be the main cause of this and toxins may be on the rise. If you’re feeling stressed and depressed, go on a detox today.

You may be suffering from one or a multitude of these symptoms. Whatever the issue is you need to go on a detox.

There are a variety of ways you can do this, but if you feel you’re still struggling with symptoms, then it’s best to seek advice from your doctor.

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